Sunday, 4 November 2012

End of half

...but feeling better. Lots better. Possibly (just possibly) looking forward to going back....not said that in a while.

I've done my planning, at least up until Thursday but no biggie.

I've gathered some resources together for tutoring which starts on Thursday, got a bit more to do to be ready for that but Core Science so is pretty straightforward. I'm looking forward to meeting my student/victim who is resitting in January....should be all ok.

What I have also done today is put together a display called "Scientists need Reading, Writing and Maths"

The aim is to show my students, who have real issues with all these things, why it is worth developing the skills within and for other subjects.
I've basically listed some reasons why scientists need to be able to read, write and use maths well...reasonable examples that even Year 7 should be able to appreciate. There are loads, particularly for maths.
Then I've done a section about why scientific reading in particular is difficult....we all know why but I think it's important the kids know. 
Finally I've listed some things the kids can do to help themselves. Here is the list. I'm sure people could add more (and please do....I can always add them on!)

  • Write down difficult spellings and learn them
  • Highlight or underline key words in your book
  • Read to someone and let them read to you
  • Keep practicing using the words in your writing and when speaking
  • Use the William’s Words Science Dictionaries (Google it)
  • Take time to think about your answers and how to use the words correctly 
  • Practice reading non-fiction texts for example: reading the news online, choosing book about something you are interested in rather than a book with a story 
  • Practice ‘scan reading’ to locate information
  • Use the contents pages and indexes of textbooks to find what you need 
  • Talk to me and to each other using scientific language when answering questions

I'll take a photo once its all up....might take a while to get someone to help me do it but I think it will look great when its done as a permanent display in my room. 

I also ordered a couple of books which I think will help, all Amazon found. 

The three 'Science Web readers' - one for each science to help with reading in science
The Collins 'Science Skills Builder' - one for KS3 and one for GCSE (which I have lurking somewhere as a freebie from a course where Collins had a display. Mental note: Must find it)

Also definitely need to look at the William's Words site for more word based science fun.....along with Freezeray which has some science word games. 

I am literally on a roll at the moment....just wish I had more time to develop all this in my own school. :(  

Hope this helps some of my fellow scientists out with their literacy in lessons.....

Now I'm off to see Skyfall....what an end to the holiday! :)  



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