Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Summer Reading List of Education Related Books

For those who might be interested I said in my previous post I'd be reading some educational books for school. Here is my reading list currently, not sure I will get through them all without a fried brain! (also I doubt I am presenting these as proper references but I'm sure the aim is that you can find them on Amazon or in Waterstones!)

  • "SOLO Taxonomy: A Guide for Schools Book 1 and Book 2" Pam Hook and Julie Mills
  • "Full on Learning" Zoe Elder (@fullonlearning) 
  • "Inspirational Teachers Inspirational Learners" Will Ryan
  • "Oops! Helping Children Learn Accidentally" Hywel Roberts (@HYWEL_ROBERTS) - I have read this once but loved it so much I want to read it again!
  • "Engaging Learners" Andy Griffith and Mark Burns
  • "Rocket Up Your Class" Dave Keeling
  • "Literacy across the Curriculum Pocketbook" Caroline Bentley-Davies
  • "The Subject Leader" Steve Garnett
  • "The Lazy Teacher's Handbook" Jim Smith (@thelazyteacher)
  • "Impact Techniques in the Classroom" Danie Beaulieu 

I also have plenty on my Kindle to keep me occupied....before anyone worries about me :)
Hope the list is of help to some...

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