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In a bid to find employment for CV!

This may seem drastic lovely readers, but here is an outline of what I have done. All names/places/dates are taken out to try and ensure my continuing if tenuous anonymity! You never know, someone might read it and want to employ me! I think it gives a pretty good idea of what I have done and what I could do given the chance. I really really want to make progress in my career and have proven I can lead on a small scale. I just need a new challenge! :)

For the record I also attend Teachmeets (as you can see from my blog) and have a reasonable following on PLN are brilliant! I would love to get teachers in a new school collaborating between each other and even getting some of them on Twitter and to the Teachmeets if they aren't going already, it is liberating and inspiring!

I would love to stay working with SEND kids, particularly BESD or ASD. 'Setting' not so important, might be a mainstream setting with small classes who need a teacher with experience or another Special School or PRU....

If you're out there, get in touch...check my Twitter profile for the area if you're not sure.

Mobile: a number      Email: an address

Education / Qualification:
dates                            Association of Science Education ‘Chartered Science Teacher’ CSciTeach
dates                            University
BScEd (Hons) 2:1 in Education and Biology

dates                            School
A-Level Chemistry (B)
A-Level Biology (C)
A-Level Mathematics (C)
10 GCSE (A* - C) including Mathematics (A), Science (A*,A*) & English (A).
Professional Memberships:
dates                            A Union Grade: Member
dates                            Association of Science Education Grade: Member and Chartered Science Teacher

Teaching Experience:
Some dates                 A Special School
                                    Permanent: KS3 – KS4
    Wrote Schemes of Work for KS3 from scratch to form a cyclical and contextual curriculum where key ideas are revisited for reinforcement. The schemes are fully resourced with ideas for Literacy, Numeracy and ICT and include links to Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS) and Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL)
    Designed lessons using AQA Guide for GCSE Course to allow students to access the GCSE course efficiently.
    Delivered and marked Centre Assessed Unit for the old GCSE (ISA) and the new style GCSE (CAU.) Whole samples were moderated externally and the sample was deemed accurate by moderators.  
    Operate as a class teacher for Years 8-11 using the schemes I have developed taking into account the Behavioural, Emotional and Social Difficulties the boys have.
    Support and direct our Year 7 teacher who teaches the boys in a 'primary' style to integrate science into her topics as well as teach Year 7 myself once a week.
    Direct a technician and teaching assistants, teaching them the science in advance if required allowing them to support the boys effectively
    Be responsible for the gathering and input of assessment data by providing accessible and suitably challenging assessment tasks 
    Monitor the quality of student work, particularly with regard to literacy and numeracy 
    Be available for observation by unqualified teachers or senior leaders when required.
    Trained in many aspects of specific Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and Literacy, please see below in Professional Development.
    Away from the Academy, privately tutor an Additional Science candidate and an AS Biology candidate

more dates                  A School
                                    Permanent: KS3 – KS5
  • Involved in development of KS3 schemes of work to coincide with a two year KS3 curriculum and implementation of more peer and self assessment tasks as well as Assessment for Learning.

  • Ensured progression of all the Key Stage 4 (KS)  Applied Science groups. Had responsibility for the monitoring and management of pupil progress for both my class and a colleague’s class, meeting strict deadlines for reporting to the Deputy Head teacher for Science.
  • Designed two KS4  Additional Applied Science: Chemistry GCSE schemes of work, fully resourced with ICT, Literacy, Numeracy and vocational (community and business) links.
  • Redeveloped all the KS4  Applied Science schemes of work to include differentiation for SEN and G&T.
  • Led redevelopment of the KS4  Additional Applied Science: Biology and Physics schemes of work to incorporate relevant local community and business (vocational) links.
  • Successfully created and implemented a framework of checklists and AFL activities to support improvement in the KS4  Additional Applied Science coursework grades achieved by pupils.
  • Wrote revision guides for each of the KS4  Additional Applied Science: Biology, Chemistry and Physics examinations.
  • Successfully co-ordinated the creation and implementation of a new KS5 AS-Level course  during the 2008/2009 academic year.
  • Worked in conjunction with the Chemistry department to plan and resource a framework for an out of specialism unit at A2 level.
  • Managed other members of staff to implement the A2 level Applied Science course to provide a broad based curriculum to meet needs of individual pupils.

even more dates         Another school
Permanent: KS3 & KS4
  • Responsible for designing selected Key Stage (KS) 3 schemes of work to meet the National Curriculum (NC) requirements.
  • Work in conjunction with the Head of Department to create schemes of work in preparation for the KS4 21st Century Science syllabus.
  • Short and medium term planning and the development of differentiated resources to meet the individual needs of the pupils in my classes at NC KS3 and KS4 (old GCSE Double Award).
  • Effectively and consistently monitored the achievements of pupils both in my Science classes, and in my tutor group.
  • Regularly reviewed the progress of pupils against their social and academic targets to regularly provide feedback to pupils and parents.
  • Successfully liaised with the British Association for the Advancement of Science to develop and then manage a Science Club for KS3 pupils.

Professional Development:
current school
  • Two days September 2013: Promoting Positive Behaviour
  • Three days over an academic year: Developing Leaders by the Institute of Education
  • Termly: Heads of Science Conferences run by "some people" where I have presented and run workshops
  • January 2013: Association of Science Education Conference
  • January 2012: Management of Health and Safety for Heads of Science (CLEAPSS)
  • 2012-2013: Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Speech and Language Difficulties and Attachment Disorder run in house by Educational Psychologists
  • 2012-2013: Literacy training
  • 2011-2012: Quality of Written Communication in Science
  • Child protection training
  • I have also attended a range of informal ‘Teachmeets’ over the last academic year, presenting at one.

previous school
  • Two days: Trained as an e-tutor, using my own time to train and advise other teachers, particularly NQTs.
  • Developing partnership links with a range of schools and agencies, sharing advice and guidance to enrich the curriculum we offer to KS4 and KS5.
  • School twilight sessions: Fully trained to teach pupils with Autistic Spectrum Disorder to support the schools' specialist unit.
  • School twilight sessions: Assessment for learning.
  • School twilight sessions: Child protection and drugs awareness.   

first school
  • School twilight sessions: Child protection. 
  • One day: Physics for non-specialists.
  • Two day: NQT course run by the LEA.

Computer Literacy
  • I am a confident user of ICT, I am proficient in the Microsoft Office suite which includes email, word processing, presentations, spreadsheets, publisher and databases.
  • I am confident in the use of peripheral equipment such as scanners, digital cameras, data loggers, projectors and interactive whiteboards (Promethean, SMARTboard and Starboard).
  • I have extensive of knowledge of using SIMs and Classroom Monitor for recording pupil data and then using it to inform my judgments whilst planning and reporting.
  • I am involved with the uploading and organization of the Applied Science resources for GCSE, AS and A2 on the recently upgraded VLE which has replaced the previous product on which I was trained to a higher level i.e. to setup new courses and configure the appearance. I am now trained in using another VLE.
  • I am able to find and/or develop new resources to support my teaching and enrich the learning of my pupils through the inclusion of, and later, the evaluation of, a range of ICT ideas, from interactive animations and games to online assessment tools e.g. Yacapaca

Interests / Hobbies:

  •  I enjoy international travel and have experienced a European road trip and trips to India and the USA
  • I play an instrument in an Orchestra having achieved Grade 8 whilst completing my A-Levels. 
  • I enjoy participating in a variety of sporting activities including:
  • I also enjoy watching motor sports, reading and socialising.
  • Cooking a variety of dishes at home as well as dining out, and also enjoy making trips to local and West End theatre productions.

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